May 12 2015

Letting My Inner Child Out to Play

Today was a warm day. Some would even venture to say hot. So, we decided to take my nephew out in the backyard, set up his little baby pool and water table and just play. It took him a little while to warm up to it, but when he did he was happy, and he and I were the only ones absolutely soaking wet by the end of it, from the splashing and my brilliant idea to dump freezing cold water over my head… twice. But the point is… I had FUN. And I can’t remember the last time that I really had fun for no reason, went outside and just got soaked because I wanted to have fun and forget my adult responsibilities for a little while. Forget the drama and forget having to stress about not having money.

We forget as we get older, that we all have an inner child, and I think if we remembered that our inner child is there, and we nurtured that child like we would any other child every once in a while we’d all be a little happier, a little less stressed. Even if the stress relief only comes for a few minutes it’s better than constantly stressing about money and work, and in my case, fictional characters on a TV show, the real life actors. We don’t have to be worried about being “good enough” or who likes us and who hates us and why because it brings us back to that simpler time in life where it didn’t matter who you played with on the playground, as long as you were having fun!

Letting your inner child out could be as simple as watching a cartoon, singing a song from childhood, eating a favorite childhood meal, or swinging on a swingset. Color, paint a picture, anything that will let you forget everything for just a little while.

Ellen DeGeneres talks about this exact thing in her comedy special “The Beginning” (here) and it makes me really want to play tag with random people in the streets. Just run up to them, tag them and say “YOU’RE IT!” I want to play hide and seek at work all the time. So you know what, if you’re reading this and you know me, start a random game of tag with me. Let’s let our inner child out to play together, we might even sleep better at night!



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