Feb 16 2016

If You Were Naked ***Trigger Warning***


My mind is a war zone.
Most days.
And my body has been a crime scene.
Riddled with evidence of a thief.
A thief who left behind things I didn’t ask for.
A thief who took what no one has a right to take.
He gave me bruises.
He gave me fear.
He took my sense of safety.
He took my trust.
All as his teeth sunk into the skin of my breast.
My mind was floating, somewhere outside my body.
The taste of him keeping me in this world I wanted to escape.

They say every 7 years, our cells are new. There will come a day I’ll have a body he never touched.
Never marred.
A throat that’s never tasted his seed.

But no matter how many years pass
He will always be in my head.
And if I let my mind wander too far
I hear him
“If you were naked…”

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