Apr 12 2016

My Life With MS- A Day in the ER

Just a quick update.

I had a spinal tap on Friday afternoon, I had a spinal headache all weekend and thought I was in the clear when I woke up Monday morning. No such luck. Within an hour I was hit with one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had. I called my neurologist, hoping something could be done from home, but no such luck. So my grandma and I went to the ER, as directed. We left the house a little after 11:30 AM and we didn’t get home until almost quarter to 9 at night.

The good thing is the headache went away *knock on wood*. I had to have a blood patch, where they draw blood from the arm and (after giving an epidural) inject it into the back near the site where the spinal tap was done. Then you lay flat on your back for a minimum of 2 to 4 hours, so the blood has a chance to help seal the hole left by the spinal tap and stop the leak of CSF (spinal fluid), which causes the headache.

I had the procedure done around 3:45, and it took about a half hour to complete, as they had trouble getting a vein and getting blood, as I wasn’t well hydrated.

My back is sore and where they had my IV and where they tried getting blood from are pretty sore, I’ve felt like a human pin cushion for the past week, and I’m just so glad to have some relief.

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