Sep 15 2016

American Horror Story: 6 Premiere (REVIEW)

So, I’d add a spoiler warning here, and I still will… but I truly don’t even know what just happened. 

I just finished watching the new AHS, the 6th Anthology. Name will be down below if you don’t want it spoiled. It was very intriguing but also very confusing. I still don’t know what the hell is going on. And I feel as though I should. 
Okay, so this year’s theme is “My Roanoke Nightmare”. Essentially, it’s like one of those docuseries you can watch about hauntings wherever that have dramatization reenactments. So that’s the premise.
And then this couple gets together and the guy gets into an accident and the woman has a miscarriage and they move to North Carolina. The woman doesn’t like it, it starts raining teeth(??), she’s a yoga instructor and she missed doing something that morning so something was off, and she went to soak in a hot tub and she is then forcibly held underwater by a person/persons in costumes with torches, which no one finds.
Guy is a traveling salesman and installs security cameras before he leaves for work again. Guy’s sister who is in recovery comes to stay with woman while guy is gone, sister & woman don’t like each other. 
Person(s) break into house while guy is gone as he watches on his phone, lures sister & woman into basement, locks them in there & runs video that’s creepy af. Guy rushes home. 
Police aren’t worried and aren’t doing anything. Woman leaves. Speeding down road. Hits someone/something/A BEING, stops the car and GETS OUT OF THE DAMN CAR TO GO AFTER WHATEVER SHE HIT INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE DAMN WOODS AND GETS LOST AND FALLS ON SOMETHING MOVING, RUNS DIRECTLY INTO PEOPLE WITH TORCHES. 
Confused yet? Yeah, me too. And that was the end of the episode. No. No I don’t know what happened or what the heck is going to happen. So, next week? 

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