Oct 09 2016


**Trigger Warning. Sexual Violence**

“Grab her by the pussy”

A 59 year old “respectable” man uttered those words, and now 11 years later, that man is running for President. 

5 years after he said those words I was sexually assaulted. I take offense to his comments, and his supporters defending his comments because according to some studies I’m 35 times more likely to be assaulted again. 

“Those words don’t represent who I am,” says the man who judges women on their appearance, rates them based on how hot he thinks they are. The man who says if his daughter weren’t his daughter he would date her. The man who told Howard Stern it’s okay to call his daughter a piece of ass. 

If he has no problem objectifying his daughter, why on earth do we believe that he would have a problem objectifying any other woman, not just in America, but on this planet? 

If he calls women pigs, “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”, mocks our menstual cycles, how is he going to make America great?

America doesn’t need to go back to a time where marital rape wasn’t a crime, where women were shamed for being sexually active. Mainly because we’re already living in it. Marital rape may be an offense we can charge a person with, but so many still believe a man can’t rape his wife. She is duty bound to have sex with him, whenever he wishes. 

When Kelly Oxford asked for women to share their stories of sexual violence (Starting here, read her likes, read her tweets), and she started with her own 5, after that, 9.7 MILLION women responded… 

2,890,800 people, roughly, have been sexually assaulted since a presidential candidate bragged about sexually assaulting women because he was the star of a reality show. How many of those victims were his? 

If he believes hosting a reality show entitles him to a woman’s body, what does he believe the White House will entitle him to? 

And the “apology” he issued has been equated to an abuser apologizing to his victim (This thread goes more in depth). 

His words, his actions, are indefensible. And seeing so many defend him & his words scares me more than I could ever describe. 

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